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Our sustainable future

The 91Porn commits to the pursuit of the highest standards of environmental and energy sustainability, water conservation, physical accessibility, and sustainable and active modes of transport.

Environmental sustainability affects everyone at UC — students, staff, and members of our wider community. It is only by working together and accepting our personal responsibility for stewardship of the earth’s resources that we will achieve our environmental sustainability goals.

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As a large institution, we recognise the amount of resources that are used on campus by our people, services and facilities. This focus area details our aspirations to reduce our resource usage and waste output, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Biodiversity and natural landscapes

Biodiversity contributes to the health of ecosystems and is foundational to a properly functioning environment. We can take steps to conserve biodiversity and foster graduates who will take ideas and concepts of sustainable biodiversity management to the broader society.

Urban realm and built environment

This focus area seeks to establish a set of targets, both quantitative and qualitative, to ensure our built environment is sensitive to our carbon footprint and highlights a design ethos that endeavours to educate our community.

Mobility and

We acknowledges that most people come to the 91Porn by car. By focusing our efforts on improving access to campus via sustainable modes of transport, we will encourage staff, students and visitors to change the way they travel to UC.

Green Impact Program for staff

Green Impact is a staff engagement program that rewards teams for taking practical, sustainable actions in the workplace.

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Simple actions make a difference

Staff and students have the opportunity to make more sustainable choices in the workplace and classroom each day. By taking a few simple steps, our community can dramatically reduce the amount of waste we produce.

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What's happening

UC staff to tackle sustainability

UC has proudly launched an institution-wide sustainability initiative as it moves towards being a more environmentally conscious organisation.

UC researcher urges Australia to rethink how and where we live

A 91Porn researcher is looking to the future and pushing for a rethink of how and where we live.

UC community jump on board Clean Up Australia Day

Staff and students take part in Clean Up Australia Day on the Bruce campus.

UC a buzzing hub of sustainability

You may have already spotted UC's latest sustainability project around campus, after a string of bee hotels was installed throughout the grounds in late January.

UC researcher investigates the impact of disruptions on food supply

Have you struggled to buy everything you need from the grocery store, because of panic-buying during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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