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UC Collections


The University has a wide variety of collections including:

  • UC Art Collection
  • Collection of the Australian National Museum of Education
  • The Economic Mineral and Geology Collections (the Matthais Collection)
  • The Ecology Wet and Dry Specimen Collection
  • The Indigenous Teaching Collection
  • The Nursing Collection
  • Rare Books and Clough Collections
  • Sporting Memorabilia Collections
  • The Gifts Collection
  • other small collections at faculty level

The wonderful collection of National Centre for Australian Children's Literature (NCACL) is also housed on UC campus and managed independently by NCACL. You can learn more about them here:

2023 Updates

The University has great potential for an engaging and activated Art Collection of significance that tells the story of the people and places of UC and Ngunnawal country. To embrace such potential, from August 2023 we have been working on:

  • Reviewing strategies, policies and procedures of the collection,
  • Our storage space, database, documentation and labelling,
  • Developing a more cohesive and curatorial approach to the accession and display of artworks throughout the campus.

This focus on priorities means that requests for art services (movements, relocations) will be deferred until 31 October 2023, and a new approach may be implemented from there. More details will be released later this year. Your patience is appreciated. For all art and sculpture hire, movements, repairs or maintenance, please lodge your request via

For enquiries and feedback about UC Collections, please contact Collection Coordinator Zora at