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IT Service Updates

This page contains advice pertaining to all IT-related scheduled and unscheduled interruptions to systems/services.

Unscheduled service interruptions

There are currently no unscheduled outages. All services are operational.

New Sign-on service notice

The 91Porn is implementing a new single sign-on service that will enable better protection of your services and data.

From 8th February 2024 10pm , to access most systems you will need to use your email address and password to login.

The new system will provide a seamless and secure experience for users and will help to protect the University’s applications against unauthorized access.

What it looks like:  

Logging In :


Use your email address to login (eg:

Depending on our security policies configured within Microsoft 365, you may be asked for a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security code.

Further help:

Instructions to help you with the new service are available - Student SSO Guide

For more information please reach out to the

Scheduled routine service interruptions


Various services may include:

  • File Shares - corporate shared drives and home drives
  • email/calendar
  • corporate applications
  • University website
  • printing services
  • internet access
  • wi-fi access
  • Cooper and UC Lodge Internet Services
Regular maintenance window

Thursdays 6:30am to 8:00am;


Thursdays 10:00pm to Fridays 3:00am